Would you like to become a Young Professional that:

– Emphasizes personal development & development of practical workskills?
– Communicates confidently and is adaptive towards organizational changes?
– Can handle workload and stress, and know how to present and profile yourself?
– Can foster fruitful collaborations and possess effective leadership skills?

Then we have certainly got something for you!

The Young Professional Group, a team under Digne Consult, is running a Self-management for Young Professionals program to help Young Professionals like yourself manage your professional and personal development. Throughout the program, we design and organize workshops where our trainers will help you skillfully gain mastery in various areas, such as self-insight, organisational sensitivity, time- and stress-management, personal profiling, effective communication and influencing, personal leadership and result-driven collaboration.

We think that these competencies are key to building a good foundation in your career, and we have seen that well-tailored, personal guidance is essential to the growth of Young Professionals we have worked with in the past 23 years. Our experience in training, grooming and growing with more than 30,000 Young Professionals has helped us develop a successful pedagogy and curriculum that we are proud to share with you.

Want to make a positive difference to your personal growth today?

Contact us at one of our two offices and our dedicated team members will reach out to you very soon!

Email Address: info@digneconsult.com
Phone Number: +31 35 531 82 88

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Phone Number: +65 6220 5120