Young Professionals, Stress and Self-efficacy

She thought she could handle the stress.. But then, one night after weeks of 18-hour working days and constant travel, she staggered home at 7 a.m. Not to sleep. To shower. As she stood in the water, she started crying..
There are many firm driving its young employees insane. All hire the brightest Ivy League grads and make them a deal: We will pay you $60 000 or more a year and give you glimpses of corporate luxury.. In exchange, you must work 70,80,100 hours a week through the best years of your life.

This is an example of a Young Professional who’s experiencing a lot of pressure and stress, which eventually could result in a burn-out. Research shows that more and more Young Professionals between the ages of 25 and 29 experience a burn-out (TNO the Netherlands, 13,8% in 2013, 14,6% in 2014, 16,6% in 2015). Professionals between the ages of 20 and 35 years old are generally labeled as Young Professionals.Young Professionals, stress and self-efficacy

Our intern Nanniek van der Wel, master student Work and Organizational Psychology, did some research on the possible causes of stress-related feelings. This research shows that several different factors, such as job-insecurity, having unrealistic high goals and expectations, role conflict and social conflicts, play a role in these feelings. Furthermore we found that the concept of self-efficacy could explain these causes for a large extent. Nanniek has elaborated this further and I proudly present to you the whitepaper she wrote in which you can read her findings.

Also I would like to point out the test she developed. It’s a useful tool for Young Professionals to determine their level of self-efficacy, but also to create a clear vision of their mental health and to get tips on coping with stress-related feelings they get when they carry out a task.

Further, this whitepaper has two attachments. The first attachments describes a couple reactions by Young Professionals who participated in the training. The second one reports an interview with the trainer of the training for Young Professionals, Ivo Boelens. In this will be described what Young Professionals come across in their jobs in practice. These findings support the significance of this whitepaper.

I hope you enjoy reading this Whitepaper Young Professionals, Stress and Self-efficacy.

Jacqueline Weesie,
Director Digne Consult