Different studies show that employees who haven’t been on vacation for years have a higher risk of disease and mortality at a younger age than employees who take a few days off every now and then. Industrial and organizational psychologist Jessica de Bloom explains this by the positive experiences gained on vacation being a buffer against future stress factors like a reorganization or lay-offs. In addition, going on vacation helps to literally take a step back from work. It puts the day-to-day concerns of the workplace into perspective, which increases psychological resilience.

This is why the effect of going on vacation on the quality of life should not be underestimated. We need a holiday to function properly. Holidays can be compared with a good night’s sleep. It’s a necessary and powerful tool to recover from work. And as it is proved us Young Professionals are susceptible to developing stress… We can at least take the time to plan our next vacation, right? Here are some tips to get the very best out of it:

  1. Do some holiday shopping. Think of bikini’s, sunglasses or even sunscreen. It will increase the anticipation and will help you get through the last days of work before your vacation.
  2. Be sure that necessary tasks have been completed before leaving. Necessary tasks are the ones they need you for to execute. Hence there will be no panic in the workplace because of your absence. And you can have your peace of mind while sipping on your cocktail under a palm tree.
  3. Make sure there is a colleague who can replace you as regards to the other tasks remaining. And let everyone know to call this person in case of an emergency while you’re away. Your replacement can handle matters for you. Believe in that. It will make you feel calm knowing there is someone monitoring your work even when you are not there. Just relax. Allow yourself to relax. All the other stuff is taking care of.
  4. Decide for yourself which kind of vacation will make you relax the most: an adventurous or a lazy vacation? Choose the one which suits you best. Just make sure you take your time. Do not strive to see as much as possible, this will only make you feel more stressed. Make a list of the most important places to go to and don’t forget to enjoy every moment. Be in the here and now.
  5. Don’t go back to work right away. Take a few days to acclimatize to your home again. Rest a little bit more, think back on memories of your vacation. Slowly start checking your mail again but don’t do actual work yet. This way you can pick up work on a slower and more natural pace.

Note. Source used: Jessica de Bloom, ‘De kunst van het vakantievieren’

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