Kids are easily overseen in our society, especially since they have always been associated with being naive or innocent. Kiran Sethi has reminded us that by empowering our kids, will instill a “I Can” mindset in them. They will learn to stop saying that “my teacher” wants me to do this, or “my parents” wants me to do this. Instead they will learn to say “I Want” to do this.

This does not simply apply to kids, but think about this in the context of your company. By empowering your employees will indirectly instill a “I Can” mindset in them, motivating them to work harder willingly, and fight for what they think is right, and for the good of the company.

Take a look at how the speaker Kiran Sethi shares with us about her experience when it comes to empowering the kids in India.

Click on the link to watch the video:

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