As a young professional who is caught between love for your career and strain from it, you might have overlooked self-care and health matters. Often, time is indeed a concern and even an hour of yoga class or gym time is a luxury. This week, we look into the self-care strategies shared by Betrand Ngampa from that you can easily incorporate into your work in order balance career and health effortlessly.

1. Plan, plan, plan your day ahead

Are You Planning Your Day? Sometimes, being busy might actually be a sign that you have not prioritized work efficiently. Start using the calendar on your smartphone and plug in all meetings and appointments. Betrand found that working professionals had more time once they record it.

2. Drink 40oz of water in the morning

Many young professionals run on coffee and energy drinks, which tides them through every other busy day at work. Betrand advises them to switch all that to water in order to burn fat and gain explosive energy. Your body is made up of 60 to 70 percent water and hence craves water over food all the time.

3. 7-minute workout routines

Did you know you could get the same benefit of a 40 to 60 minute full gym workout in 7 minutes? It is scientifically proven that if you do a 7 minute all out intense bodyweight workout you can get the same benefits as if you were doing a full 40 to 60 minute full gym workout. You could even download workout apps to help you plan a variety of workouts, so you save time on that as well

4. Preparing food in advance

Every weekend, lock down 5 minutes in your calendar to cut up fruits and veggies. The same way you prepare for business meetings and trips, you must attack your health. If you have a business trip in New York, look up healthy restaurants where you will be staying and find a healthy meal you can indulge in from the restaurants so you don’t have to find something healthy on the go since you already have a long list to refer to.

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