This week, we invite you to have a go at the check list that Arthur has designed to help professionals work out their energy level!

Indeed if you are on the verge of a burn out, recalibration and recharge are certainly in order. What are some ways of relaxing and recharging without having to go on a vacation?

1. Going out with friends

Perhaps it is time to catch up with your old buddies or girlfriends from high school over dinner or a fun night out. Take the time to unwind with friends who know you best, whom with you can let your guard down and share a laugh with.

2. Go for a spa/massage

Bali is not the only place for resort-style massages and spa experiences! Treat yourself to a spa or massage therapy in order to give your body the recharge it needs. Many spa and massage salons are even offering exclusive offers for their social media followers, so you might just score a good deal if you browse around online.

3. Food and scents to help you destress

If you need more reasons to snack on that bar of dark chocolate, here is another: Eating dark chocolate in moderation helps you combat anxiety and stress. Scents such as lavender and peppermint can also help you relax and restore calmness. Read more about soothing scents and food here.

4. The Great Outdoors

Go for a weekend hike or camping trip! Taking a break from the buzz of city life can be a good way of detoxing and allowing your brain to recover from mental fatigue. Moreover, the amount of exercise it involves also helps you keep fit and draws you away from a sedentary lifestyle.

5. Concerts

When was the last time you attended a concert? Be it classical or rock, enjoying music is always a good way to unwind. It helps us explore emotions that we may not have exposure to in the midst of work and proves to be a great release of tension. Better yet, hold a karaoke session and be your own rockstar!

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