We enter every job motivated to learn, excel and hopefully check off a few boxes on our list of Career Goals. Yet, as we become occupied by everyday routines and minute details, we may lose sight of the larger career goals that keep the passion for our jobs burning. It could be frustrating or disorienting to many to feel disconnected from their goals hence it is always important to set aside time to re-align your thoughts with your goals.

In this week’s article, we share with you some tips on how to re-establish a sense of direction and purpose in your career!


1. Take time to remind yourself of your planned milestones

Amidst busy weeks, it is important to set aside some time once or twice a month to remind yourself of your upcoming goal, be it a leadership position or client acquisition endeavour. Not only does focusing on these bigger goals help you dictate your priorities, having the broader picture of what you want to achieve also gives you a sense of urgency to rid your strategies of inefficiencies.

However, it is also crucial to remind yourself that reaching your bigger goals take time and be patient with yourself. Patience and groundedness are both key to staying on track.

2. Visualizing Progress

Visualization could be helpful in closing the gap between drive and results. Visualization, according to Tori Rodriguez, is when you condition your mind to execute a certain action having repeatedly imagined performing it prior to that. Envisioning success in itself is also motivating, as it builds self-esteem and rewires your brain away from negativity.


3. Being Honest

If, however, you struggle to envision yourself executing the strategies or stop being able to identify with your goals, perhaps it is a sign that you need to relook and calibrate your goals. Recognising a lack of passion and purpose early on in your career is important because only then will you be able to take a step back and seek out a new path.

If you need someone to work with you and coach you on remapping your career options, Digne Consult can assist with tailored coaching to help you reach your goals. With an international footprint and a small but experienced team of career coaches, we provide one-to-one career coaching tailored to the needs of Young Professionals. Having worked with more than 70,000 young individuals, what sets us apart is our mastery of issues and concerns that affect Young Professionals and our experience in offering solutions to respond to their needs.

4. Making your goals part of your KPI

If useful, perhaps it would also be a good idea to have your supervisor take your personal career goals into account when designing your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and evaluating them. This could be possible with open communications or if your boss is supportive of your long term growth. Ultimately, if your career goals align with your professional growth, it would not hurt to have your workplace hold you accountable for your committed goals!

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