You just came back from holiday and out of nowhere you’re back behind your desk at work. Time flew while you were away and you’re staring at the screen of your computer still reminiscing the pearl white sand beaches and clear blue water. You suddenly snap out of your daydream because a colleague indicates she needs your help with a rapport. You realize it’s really time to get back into your workflow now.

Are there ways to do that without immediately losing the energy you gained over the holiday? Sure there are. Is it possible to start working again in a somewhat relaxed state of mind? Yes it is. Just apply the following tips to your first days back at work and it might not be as hard as you think it is:

  1. Tell that colleague you’re going to have a coffee (or some other drink) first and you will get back to her later. It’s essential to acclimatize to your work environment again. Ask your colleagues what has happened during your absence: are there any new clients, projects, how are the current projects going. And of course don’t forget to get updated on the latest ‘gossip’ at the coffee machine ;-).
  2. After the chit chat with your colleagues, start checking your email messages again (as we assume you didn’t check them on vacation because you really shouldn’t). Begin with the most recent ones, since the older mails probably won’t be of relevance anymore.
  3. Remember to take it slowly. Make sure you do not flood your calendar with appointments and important meetings right after your holiday. It’s a better idea to plan these at least one week later. This way you truly give yourself the chance to catch up on the latest news and to decently prepare yourself.
  4. Go to bed early the first few days. You probably had a different sleep rhythm while you were on vacation as you probably could sleep in whenever you felt like it. It’s important to make sure you do not sleep deprive yourself now you’re back at work. If necessary, force yourself to bed at a set time so you catch at least 7 hours of sleep.
  5. Reward yourself after your first week back to work. The first work days are always tiring so plan something fun for the weekend. Something you can look forward to, like having dinner with your loved one or friends. Or both :-).

And don’t forget… There is always a next vacation to look forward to as well. It will approach closer to you every single day!

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