Health should not be a compromise, but it is often neglected by young people striving for their careers. Missed lunches, skipped gym days and underused yoga packages are all signs that often, we take care of ourselves less than what we set out to. What can young professionals like yourselves do to incorporate workouts and healthy habits into your busy schedule, amidst work and personal commitments?

Plan Your Goals

Is it weight management? Increasing Strength? Or simply to keep away from a sedentary lifestyle? It could be a combination of goals. Regardless, different goals require different strategies. For instance, Pilates is great for improving joint mobility, posture and even concentration. Learn about your goals in order to target them more effectively in your future fitness regimes.

Schedule and Commit

Ideally, your fitness and health goals should complement your work and life priorities. If you are set to receive a promotion in a few weeks, it is important to adjust your fitness schedule accordingly, such that you still have enough rest and leisure time at the end of the day. Depending on your goals, explore routines that aim to deliver higher intensity workouts within a shorter amount of time. Increase workouts and commit where possible.

Furthermore, don’t forget to keep your workouts varied such that you never drop out due to boredom! According to, people who switch up regimens may find exercising more enjoyable.

Forming Habits

Set aside time regularly to get a good exercise. Make it part of a larger daily or weekly routine, such that it begins to feel strange to not get it done. You can get a light 30-minute jog while walking your dog, or part of your morning workout followed by a shower before you head off to work.

Get a workout buddy to pace you and keep you accountable! That way it is harder for you to drop out.

Maximizing Workout Time

Not every workout is created equal! Certainly every workout differs in purpose, target areas and effectiveness. If you are simply looking for a workout that packs a punch and gives you your regular dose of adrenaline, here’s why HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) might be for you: Research has shown that you can improve your aerobic capacity with two weeks of interval training as much as you would with 6-8 weeks of endurance training.

Even when at work, you too can pack in a brisk walk around the office, do some light stretches at your seat and take a coffee break to keep yourself moving.

Ultimately, the key is to stick to a workout routine but keep it varied and interesting, commit and even get someone to help you along, and most importantly, enjoy the workout!

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