The ONE Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Result by Gary Keller has made more than 350 appearances on national bestseller lists, won 12 book awards and been translated into 27 languages. People are using this simple, powerful concept of ONE to prioritize and focus on what matters most in their personal and professional lives. By focusing their energy on one thing at a time people are living more rewarding lives by building their careers, strengthening their finances, watching their health, deepening their faith, and nurturing stronger marriages and personal relationships.

We want less. We want fewer distractions and less burden and stress. Yet we also want more. We want more productivity, rewards and satisfaction in life. In The ONE Thing, we learn that we can have both. We will learn to cut through the clutter, build momentum toward your goal, dial down the stress and revive our energy. The ONE Thing delivers extraordinary results in every area of your life–work, personal, family, and spiritual.

What is your ONE THING?

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