Founded by training agency Digne Consult, the Young Professional Group is a platform that aspires to help Young Professionals become the best version of themselves. The project aims to reach out to the Young Professionals worldwide. We operate out of Europe and Asia Pacific and South Africa but have served more than 750 clients worldwide.

Due to expectations from the growing society and Young Professionals themselves, the pressure to perform is high. This pressure will in turn lead to increasing stress, burnout and failure. Which is why, providing proper help and guidance for Young Professionals are important as they are the crucial to our future.

With this website we offer you a tool to develop yourself independently and manage stress at minimal cost. Besides sharing information and articles, we also offer the Self-Management for Young Professionals Program to strengthen you to deal with the challenges you encounter when working for companies. Finally, we are able to provide you with customized training and coaching, led by experienced professional trainers from Digne Consult.

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