How you end your work week will not only have a huge impact on your productivity for the following week, but also may determine how relaxed you are over the weekend.

“Successful people ten to adhere to routines in general, so it’s no surprise that the most successful people I know maintain a Friday afternoon routine,” says Michael Kerr, an international business speaker.

Here are 7 things successful people typically do on a Friday afternoon:

They reflect on their accomplishments from the week

It’s far too easy to wallow over what you didn’t accomplish, Kerr says. “Successful people tend to flip that around and remind themselves of just how much progress they did make, even if it’s only ‘small wins.’” Acknowledging and appreciating your accomplishments not only boosts your happiness levels, but it fuels momentum. “A great ritual for team leaders to create is to turn this into a Friday afternoon team huddle tradition, wherein everyone shares their top three accomplishments for the week,” Kerr suggests.

They figure out their priorities for the following week

Successful people take time on Friday afternoon to reflect on their professional and personal lives and determine three to face major priorities they want to accomplish for each.

They establish a schedule and to do list for the following week

They don’t just prioritize, they plan. If you assign each priority a deadline, things are likely to get done. You want to hit Monday morning knowing what you need to do, so you are not wasting that time figuring this out. Having a plan for Monday also results in a more relaxed weekend.

They carve out downtime for the following week

Successful people can easily fall into the workaholic trap and lose sight of “the long game,” but they always prioritize and plan for downtime. They think about how they can maintain their work-life balance the following week. They understand that for them to be at their best, to be most productive, and to accomplish everything they need to during the following week, they need to have some free time.

They get organized

Many successful people take 15 to 30 minutes every Friday afternoon to c lean out and organize their email files and to clean and organize their office, so that they know they are returning to a fresh, organized start the following week.

They let people know how accessible they will be that weekend

Successful people set technology ground rules before leaving, both with themselves and key people around them. They let their staff and coworkers know whether they plan to respond to emails ro voice mails over the weekend, and if so, when.

They think about their weekend plans

If you don’t already have weekend plans by Friday afternoon, you should take some time to think about what you would like to do. Perhaps you have been dying to try that new restaurant; you really want to spend time at the park, or you have errands you have been putting off. Take a few minutes, before it’s too late to make reservations, check weather etc.

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