No matter wherever you work, Office supplies are one of the most essential needs for everyday business. From paper clips, scissors and file folders to binders, staplers and everything, you office stock up with the best array of office supplies. It is said that the efficiency of any workplace depends partly on how well stocked the office supplies are. But do you know these office supplies could be used in some very basic simple office hacks that could prove to be helpful to you? Let us check out seven no-cost office hacks.

If you are aiming to turn your table that has wires all over the place into a no-mess place, use binder clips to sort out the rat mess. You spend your day leaning over at the keyboard, have you ever  thought of cleaning the keyboard using a sticky note? Well, using a sticky note is the best way to clean up the dirt in between the keys of your office keyboard.

Don’t you have enough space for your bulky headphones? Well, you can now hang up your headphones simply by using a board pin, rubber bands and binder clip.If you still have your retro artifacts collection of cassette covers, use them as your phone holder. You can also organise your drawers with a used cereal box!

To know more office hacks watch the video below. These simple office hacks will organise everything that you struggle with at your workplace. No more dealing with the painful organising part of your workplace desk.

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