Recruiting teams or executives are looking for ways to ensure the candidate is the right fit, not only in professional competency but also in office culture and community. Many companies are turning to personality tests, which rely more on data than on gut feeling or instinct, to find the right employees. These tests can locate the right candidates more quickly and also lower turnover rates, which not only helps with continuity and productivity, but also saves time and money. Kayla Matthews from shares with us 5 modern personality tests that will help hiring managers find the right fit:

1. Woofound

Personality assessment might conjure up images of number 2 pencils and hundreds of little bubbles to fill, like standardized academic tests. Woofound’s personality test is a visual personality assessment that can be taken on any digital device, such as your tablet, phone or personal computer. Results are instant and could also be used by those thinking about switching jobs to learn more about what types of positions would be a good fit for their personality.

2. FurstPerson

FurstPerson offers a variety of options based on budget and office size, so managers can find the solution that best fits their corporate culture. How can a hiring manager determine if a candidate can multitask during a phone interview? Going beyond simple survey questions, FurstPerson’s product offers interactive simulations of common workplace situations such as outbound sales scenarios and inbound customer service requests.

Human resource managers are able to learn how a potential candidate would react in replications of these probable workplace scenarios. The FurstPerson assessment can be done on site or remotely depending on company needs.

3. Plum Problem Solving Test

The Plum Problem Solving Test bills itself as “Moneyball for hiring.” Using this assessment, candidates are evaluated in areas that are not discussed on a traditional resume, such as communication, task management, conflict resolution, priorities and teamwork.

Reports that evaluate problems with strategic growth reveal staffing and labor are among the top ten risks facing retailers. Avoid this risk by including the Plum assessment directly in the initial job posting. For the first time, the resume and cover letter won’t be the initial impression of your candidates. Hiring managers can weed out those potential employees with pristine resumes who simply are not a cultural or personality fit, saving time and resources in the process.

4. Wonderlic

Wonderlic’s Comprehensive Personality Profile® evaluates traits such as assertiveness, intuition, emotional intensity and interpersonal warmth. While many personality tests tout their digital presence, Wonderlic recognizes not all candidates will have the access or ability to test online, so they offer both digital and paper and pencil administration of their assessment.

For companies with fewer than 100 employees, Wonscore is available as a scaled version of the assessment for small businesses.

5. The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index provides a behavioral assessment that takes less than six minutes to complete and removes the subjectivity that comes with traditional hiring. The behavioral assessment has been evaluated in about 500 criterion-related studies in various fields and countries. Beyond the test itself, Predictive Index can provide “certified partners,” experts in workplace behavior, who will help facilitate and train workshops within your organization.

Presidents, CEOs, and other C-Suite executives recognize the importance of hiring the right candidate. However, in today’s job market, a single opening can garner hundreds or even thousands of resumes. Hiring managers must use the right tools to separate the wheat from the chaff, and these modern personality tests use personality traits and behavioral data to reveal which candidates should advance on to the in-person interview.

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