Proficient in another language? Or even multiple? Here are some career options you may wish to explore with your linguistic talent! According to Sean Kim from and Robert Morello from, the following career paths value multilingual talents. Who says bilingual or multilingual talents can only be translators and foreign language teachers?

1. Brand Specialist

Recognized as one of the best companies to work for, Google is hiring Brand Specialists that can communicate in foreign markets. In short, brand specialists work with customers to serve the ongoing product improvements of Google.

2. Lead Coordinator

Non-profit organizations, like Pencils of Promise,  are focused on helping developing nations around the world. In many of these nations, English is not the official language. Understanding a foreign language like Spanish will help advance your position in the organization because you have the ability to communicate with the people you’re trying to help.

3. Fashion Buyer

Whether it’s Milan, Barcelona, or São Paulo, fashion is a global industry, and you’ll be working with people all around the world, who speak multiple languages. It’s safe to say that Spanish, Italian, or French are great languages to learn if you’re into fashion.

4. Travel Professional

If you hope to work for a travel company as a contractor of hotels, airlines and other products, bilingual language skills can get you the choice assignment you are hoping for. The task of contracting overseas hotels where English is not spoken generally requires a fluency in the local language so terms, commissions and other such mundane things as room allotment can be agreed upon.

5. Recruiter

As businesses become more global by the day, they’re also looking for employees all around the world. Companies are always building new offices in South America, Europe, and Asia. The recruiter’s role is to be able to communicate with these employees and recruit the best person for the job.

Inspiration for this post was sourced from the following articles by Sean Kim from and Robert Morello from takes no credit for the work of the authors.

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