One common problem among young professionals in Singapore about networking is that sometimes it becomes too contrived. Planning and follow-ups feel like a chore. Is this true?

Networking is easy and beneficial. It is simply relationship building. People need to trust you before they can trust your product or services. If you fail to connect to your prospects on a personal level, chances are that it will be difficult for you to take your business agenda to the next level. As such here are 4 ways you can gain from networking:

  1. Builds your social capital

Through networking, you expand your social circle and increase the value of your network. Something as easy as talking about our hobbies and what motivates you can make a connection that lasts. Remember that relationships are reciprocal in nature. However, do not be calculative. Give more than you take, it will surprise you

  1. Creates more opportunities

Networking sessions are usually informal and casual enough for you to mingle comfortably. Unlike a business meeting, people tend to be more approachable, sharing their professional and personal challenges. Be attentive and do not interrupt. During such moments, a genuine connection could land you a prospect you never expect.

  1. Opens up pools of information and knowledge

Do not underestimate the value of small talk. Listen closely and you will find nuggets of information. Networking events are excellent moments for you to be exposed to and be amazed by the many life experiences and choices that the person sitting next to you has experienced and taken. In some cases, you would even find industry intelligence and even corporate movements ahead of mainstream media.

  1. Adds diversity to your life

Networking brings you to a whole new world of experiences and personalities. Being overly cooped up in your office limits what you can learn from the outside .Let new ideas challenge and sharpen your mental faculties. Be courageous and explore new activities as you will never know what you will learn.

Networking can propel you to the next level professionally, while enhancing the different aspects of your personal life. Just remember to be who you are, be genuine, and be sincere. People will be impressed with someone who is passionate, and if you stay in contact you never know where that connection may lead.

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