“A happy weekend leaves one feeling recharged, to get ready for Monday. One who is able to utilize the weekend productively feels happier and therefore more productive for the week ahead.” Here’s how you can spend a weekend productively.

Catch up on some sleep

Wake up later than usual, and put in some siesta as well. A good sleep sets you in a good mood and helps you think clearly as it aids in helping stabilize one’s emotions.

Create traditions

Set weekend habits with family. Whether it is cooking breakfast together, baking cookies, or gardening, find something to do together and turn this into a ritual.

Pursue a hobby

Something you find interesting keeps you focused, yet relaxed.

Meet up with friends

Though social media keeps people connected, nothing beats the warmth and togetherness of seeing old friends, re-living old times, and swapping stories.

Enjoy an activity with the family

It is meaningful relationships and lasting memories that make one truly happy.

Set aside quite time to do what you like

Whether it is reading a book, listening to music, or having a massage.


This releases positive feelings while making one fit.

Spend time on continuous learning

Work on developing language skills, building your personality, or learning something new.

Referenced from: http://talkshop.ph/blog/how-happy-people-spend-their-weekends/

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